Fundraising & Volunteering


Fundraising is an essential part of keeping the cost of our dues lower than anywhere else in the Treasure Valley.  Fundraisers are essentially divided into those that can be applied towards monthly fees and those that contribute to the team as a whole.  They require a combination of volunteer time and collection of sponsorships


Our biggest fundraiser each year are our two swim meets.  we rely on our families to make those meets a success.  The January meet is typically a two day meet and we do a fundraiser - such as raffle or silent auction - at that meet.  We also ask parents to find heat sheet sponsors to offset the costs to host the meet.  Our April meet has historically been a one-day pentathlon and is conducted on Saturday only.

Additionally, we do an annual aquathon.  This is intended to be more of a fun team activity but if swimmers would like to ask for pledges, those fees may be used towards their own dues and registration fees.


As a swim team, our main team fundraisers involve hosting swim meets for various organizations. In order to make these a success, we need participation from every family. CSC has a 20 hour family volunteering commitment and swim meets are classified as one of the various volunteering opportunities that count towards earning these volunteer hour credits. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and get involved in your child’s activity. 

The annual meets that CSC hosts are:
  • College of Idaho Swim Team: their season is September through to March each year. CSC hosts their scheduled meets for them. These are one day meets with up to 3 volunteer hour credits.
  • Home Age Group Swim Meets: CSC hosts up to 2 USA Swimming sanctioned age group swim meets each year.   These are two day multi-session meets with up to 4 volunteer hour credits per session.  These swim meets are the major fundraisers for our team since we are able to charge entry fees and offer a concessions table


Operated and managed by Omnilert, LLC, RainedOut is a mass notification system that delivers time-sensitive information to subscribers at no cost to non-profit organisations like CSC. In order to keep it free, they rely on message sponsors to help cover the cost of the service. If you, or someone you know, sells sports equipment, clothing, or food and drinks, then you can support CSC by becoming a sponsor and advertise on text messages.  

Click here for the link to find out the details for this opportunity and/or 
download and print a Brochure to sign up local sponsors.

2018-2019 Volunteer Needs

 Date     Meet     Warm Up Time Meet Start
Nov 10, 2018   CI vs SWOCC TBDTBD
 February 2, 2019CSC Cabin Fever 7:30am    8:30am 
April 13, 2019CSC Spring Fever  TBATBA