The Caldwell Green Commission is a 501(c)3 organization seeking to raise awareness of sustainable technologies, the responsible use of resources, and the adoption of alternative energy sources such that our economy can prosper for generations to come. CGC provides consultation to local businesses and businesses who wish to locate in Caldwell County for no cost. Our goal is to align the business goals of companies with potential synergies in our existing infrastructure to reduce waste and improve profit structure.

CGC is positioned to provide project management and implementation for entities who wish to leverage funds for energy-related or other sustainability projects, but have limited experience in working with relevant governmental units, require additional technical expertise or perhaps lack the human capital needed to properly expedite the projects.
CGC can provide significant business incubation services including networking, low-cost leasing, meeting space, alignment with potential funding streams, and integration within our existing infrastructure. Additionally, we are working on a number of potentially revenue positive R&D projects for renewable energy, efficiency, building science, and biofuels. We welcome inquiries from potentially relevant business partners.