Our new home (in a while) 

pictures taken during our visit on 5/28/2008 

If you've already read the "new home" pages, click here  to see how to haul manure with a Honda Fit.

We've put down a security deposit on a mobile home  in Marana, Arizona.  Actually, it's in Red Rock, but since it's WAY OUT in the  boonies it doesn't matter that much, and we've been told that we won't get mail in a nearby (2 miles) mailbox if we use Red Rock as the mailing address.

The owner (Marie Andrews) currently lives there on weekends, and she won't be able to move out until early July. That means we'll be moving in around the 15th, which is fine by me, since 1) our current lease in a tiny apartment expires on July 31st, and 2) I got my fill of overlapping rent last year ($2000 or so)

We actually met Marie yesterday (we first saw it exhibited by her sister-in-law on Saturday), and I took some pictures then. I forgot to record a few perspectives (like the view from the road), so I'll have to snap those shots the next time we're there. UPDATE: see the above "haul manure with a Honda Fit" link for those "from-the-road" shots.

Meanwhile, here's what I shot yesterday.

The mobile home is 58 feet long and 12 feet wide. The east end has a "popout" (originally there was a small built-in popout, but Marie's son extended it to the end of the trailer) - that's 7 feet wide and 23 feet long.  That brings the total inside area to 820 square feet.


You can see the popout at the left side of this picture.

The AC unit is one of 2 or 3 sticking out of the wall (zone cooling is more efficient, after all).

What's that door on the right?  It's "The Arizona Room" (Marie's name for it) - a covered and screened porch which is 10 feet wide, and runs the length of the mobile home.  The east side has a screened roof, while the west side has a solid one (for those rare rainfalls).

 Here's a better view of it from the west.

 In addition the assorted window AC units, there's a swamp cooler on the roof. 

Here's an inside shot of the Arizona Room.

Marie is the very tanned woman facing away from the camera, while my wife Deborah is seen in profile.

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