Arizona dreaming

our adventures in the hot (but it's a dry heat) state

This is the index to various bits I've posted about life here.  I'll put them up in reverse chronological order, so you can always tell at first glance whether something new has been put up.

6/10/08 - We were going to move to a mobile home, until Deb changed her mind. For pictures of the home, and my brief tenure as a manure hauler, click here. We'll have pictures of the new digs in a few weeks (we move in on July 1st).

Oh - in case you're wondering, I'm Calvin Dodge, a computer programmer/sysadmin/geek.  My wife, Deborah Vodjansky, is a counselor at a group home for teenage boys with serious problems. Our son, Joseph Vodjansky, will be a cop in Kansas in a few months.

This is the best picture I have of the 3 of us. It was taken after the last victory by Joe's football team in late 2005. The next game was the state quarter-finals (the four best teams in division 4 in the state) - Thompson Valley (Joe's team) was flattened.

Since then I've lost the mustache (at Deb's request), and she and I have been gradually losing weight.  I'll post something else here once we've lost enough to be noticeable.

This is a rough approximation of my mustache-less appearance. It's rough because it was taken about 10 years ago with a flatbed scanner.