Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about the Calderon family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart.

On this page I'll provide information about who I am, my personal family history and as much historical information about the Calderon name as I can find. Most of this information was obtained from talking to living relatives and from researching public records. In the course of doing this research, I've discovered that I have many more relatives than I ever thought possible!
All Calderon worldwide are invited to share their thoughts and information as we trace our origins.
Everyone is welcomed to the data and research laid out in this site, but if you do use it somewhere else, please leave a reference / link back to here.  Thanks a lot. 
The site is currently under construction. Please excuse any blank pages or incomplete information

Site last updated - June 14, 2011: Updated 'Family Member History Page' for Juan Ramon Calderon Mujica.

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