Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association (SacEV)

SacEV is formerly known as the Greater Sacramento Electric Auto Association
SavEV Mission: The Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association accelerates the regional adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure through education and  advocacy.
SacEV  Purpose:
  • For our members: To act as a source of information and be an advocate for the membership and local EV owners on the current state of electric vehicle technology and infrastructure in the region.
  • For the public: To promote and educate the public on the current and future state, availability,uses, and purchase options of electric vehicles along with their infrastructure, technology, benefits, and value.
  • For youth: To encourage experimentation with, use of, and knowledge building of electric vehicle technology through exposure, training, and education.
Who are the faces behind the SacEV?
Guy Hall, President

Guy Hall started his career at Hewlett Packard directly out college in 1978 as a Software Quality Engineer with HP in Cupertino California.  Over the next 29 years Guy provided technical and global leadership in variety of Quality, Support and R&D roles for hardware, software and system products and services and received several patents for his inventions.  Along the way he provided leadership and strategies for global teams working in countries such as Germany, France, UK, China, India, Costa Rica, Russia, Slovenia, Hungary and Japan. 

His interest with electric vehicles started in 2009, holding out his own purchase until 2011 when he bought 2011 Nissan LEAF.  The LEAF's arrival has caused some dissention in the family as they negotiate each morning as to who gets to drive the LEAF for the day.  The family became a two EV family in August 2012 they replaced their Ford Taurus with a Chevy Volt.

In November of 2011 he was elected as President of the SacEV.

Tom Dowling, VP SacEV
Tom Dowling is the Charging Infrastructure Manager with the national Electric Auto Association.  He has been a long term technologist with special interests in EVs, having owned a RAV4, EV1 and now a Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt.  Tom arranged for the world' first J1772 charging station installation ( a Clipper Creek model CS-40) put in service May 2010 in Woodland California before any compatible cars were on the road.  He now oversees a country-wide change over of the legacy charging stations to the new J1772 standard, much to the gratitude of thousands of Volt, LEAF, Mitsubishi owners now on the road.

 David Link, Education and Event Manager

David Link was a middle school mathematics and computer applications teacher for 35 years. While his interest in EVs began in the early 1970s in Atmospheric Sciences at UC Davis, it blossomed when he initiated a research program for his computer applications students on alternative fuel vehicles starting in 1996. An EV-1, City El, Honda EV Plus, two Honda Civic GX (CNG), Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius with Hymotion battery pack, two Fuel Cell cars, and a Tesla Roadster have all made appearances on his campus for students to investigate, interview representatives, debate vehicle feasibility, and take on-campus rides. David takes pride in having introduced thousands of students, staff, and parents to viable alternatives to gasoline and diesel vehicles, while expanding personal insights into the presentation and marketing of PEVs for our future.

David brings his educational and research experience to his work on the Education and Event Planning Committee, helping to demonstrate to Northern Californians that Plugin Electric Vehicles are available now and ready for consumers to enjoy. We are excited to display a variety of PEVs, extol their positives, correct the PEV myths that pervade the media, provide support to recent PEV purchasers, and help educate the public, youth through adults, about the expanding possibilities available in alternative fuel transportation.


Advisory Committee

 George Parrott, Fundraising and Special Advisor

George retired after 38 years as a Professor of Psychology at CSU, Sacramento with lecturing appointments in England and Australia. Currently 2013 he is a Fulbright Scholar lecturing in Warsaw, Poland. George got into EV options from his more than 30 years as a marathon runner and the concerns there about. air quality in the Sacramento region. His family cars are a 2011 Volt and 2011 LEAF. George's house and cars have been featured in television coverage by the Associated Press, Channel 3, and in print on the Consumer Reports website, as our solar photovoltaic array provides enough "time of use" credit to wipe out all electric use charges for the house and two EVs.
Lloyd Levine  TBD
Georg Kunhke, Test Drive Manager

 Heath CarneyHeathWork.jpg Heath has lived and worked in the greater Sacramento region for nearly thirty years. His education includes BS (College of William and Mary, Virginia), MS (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor-Natural Resources, Biostatistics), PhD (University of California, Davis-Environmental Studies). Postdoctoral positions include University of California (Davis, Berkeley), and Harvard Graduate School of Design. Teaching positions include Indiana University (Bloomington), California State University-Sacramento, and UC-Davis.

He has over 10 years of car and truck sales experience in northern California. This includes primarily Chevrolet, some Toyota and Mitsubishi new vehicles, and the whole range of used vehicle retail sales. Management positions include New Vehicle Inventory/Fleet (Cal Worthington and Hanlee), and Internet (Sullivan). He is currently employed with John L. Sullivan Chevrolet/Sullivan Auto Group in Roseville, CA (over 10 years).

Heath enjoys travel to the many wonderful locations in this region, coastal to valley to mountain, for outdoor exercise, and sampling local produce and wines. He also volunteers in events and activities which contribute to our communities.

 Ruben F. Arevalo, 
 Darell Dickey 
 Energy Consultant at Sustainable Solutions
 Tim Hastrup  Treasurer, Former GSEAA/SacEV President
 Ray Lux  
  Ed Barakatt,