I'm currently working as a Linguistics Program Manager who specializes in machine learning and natural language understanding. I also work in nonprofit development and communications -- with a focus on social justice, global sustainability, and the empowerment of women and children (www.linkedin.com/in/calazubair)

Prior to this, I was an Assistant Professor (2013-2015) in the Linguistics Department at SUNY Buffalo,
conducting research in the following areas:
    • Sociolinguistics/ Linguistic Anthropology:
      • register, metalanguage, & ideology
      • youth language, gender, & ethnicity
    • Sinhala Linguistics
      • language varieties, code mixing, bilingualism
    • Lexical Semantics
      • case, argument realization, mood
Courses taught at UB:
  • LIN 493/595 - Sociolinguistics (graduate)
  • LIN 315 - Language & Society 
I was also an Assistant Professor (2011-2013) at the University of North Carolina Wilmington:

Courses taught at UNCW:
    • ENG 525 - Language, Gender, & Sexuality (graduate)
    • ENG 325 - Studies in Sociolinguistics
    • ENG 320 - Introduction to Linguistics
    • ENG 316 - Analyzing Style in Sociolinguistics
    • ENG 209 - Classical Languages of the Ancient Western World

Language training:   Sinhala, English, Russian, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit

I am very thankful to all of my wonderful professors & collaborators at