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Palace Painting of the Qing Dynasty 清代宫廷画

posted Jan 4, 2011, 9:00 PM by calane cala   [ updated Jan 27, 2011, 4:08 PM ]
- Upcoming program featuring famous Chinese Artist, Hengyi Aixinjueluo/爱新觉罗恒懿

爱新觉罗恒懿是著名的中国水墨画艺术家。她是清室公主,清朝最后一位皇帝傅仪的侄孙女. 她的曾 祖是清末端王载漪,祖父曾被慈禧太后 指为大阿哥(皇位继承人).她自幼学习宫廷画,研习并超越了传统 的中国宫廷绘画, 形成了自己独特的艺术风格。爱新觉罗恒懿多次在海内外举办个人画展,作品均受到各国艺术家们的好评.

Hengyi Aixinjueluo is a well-known Chinese artist. She is a descendant of the royal family of the Qing Dynasty, a background that gave her access to the court tradition in painting and opportunities to see famous paintings held in the imperial court at a very early age to lay a good foundation for her artistic talent.


Hengyi Aixinjueluo transcended the court tradition in Chinese painting and formed a unique style of her own Read more about her at:
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