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I live in Chicago.  I work in Chicago.  I even have friends in Chicago.  Ok, maybe just one.  I work at a University that is just barely out of Chicago, though the part of it I work at is in Chicago.

I make noises on instruments.  I even record them sometimes.  Guitar, Bass, a little Piano, some voice noises.  I have a few instruments that I don't play too well, but still have fun playing sometimes - Mandolin and Cumbus.

I started learning the double bass a few months ago, and thought to create a place to write about various things, throw up a song or two, and link to some of my friends' more accomplished sites.  Sort of a garage sale.  I remember living in a neighborhood where this older couple (well, at least they were older than me) had this 'today only' garage sale every Saturday throughout the summer.  Good times.  Without them, life would have been and would still be a little bit duller.