Monkey Room Decorations

monkey room decorations
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sock monkey jungle
sock monkey jungle
Moomonk is adorable and as you can see quite the character forever smiling and just hanging around...Moomonk is patchy all over just like a cow but really is a monkey although we do have this aurgument often when Moomonk insists to say always * i am a cow i just look a LITTLE bit like a monkey * Moomonk is approx 18" height and has fluffy white hair and cute little button eyes ! Hopefuly someone out there will adopt moomonk and wont mind at all if Moomomk is a cow or a monkey and like both animals whichever way!
sock monkey jungle
sock monkey jungle
Happy Birthday Sock Monkey would make a delightful keepsake gift, such a great smile and very cute button eyes! He is wearing a party hat with streamers, a bow tie and holding a hand knitted cup cake, chocolate doughnut and a battenburg cake, also a shimmering parcel with ribbon and a tag attached with the words * Happy Birthday To You * Sure to bring a happy birthday smile from anyone who would own this delightful little chap! Added on Oct 23, 2008

monkey room decorations
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