Cakes by Jean



These are just some of the many cakes I've made - I can make any cake to suit your requirements

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Toy Story


Princess cake  

    Pink Princess Castle


Scooby Doo & Shaggy



Sleeping Beauty                  Pocoyo                      Dora the Explorer


The Wiggles car with the customer's twins!




                   Doctor Who's Cyberman                     Castle cake                       In The Night Garden

Winnie the Pooh picnic


            Night Garden's Iggle Piggle                         Peppa Pig                          Princess Castle cake


Night Garden Number One

                    Wow, Wow, Wubbzy                         Teletubbies' NooNoo                           Bratz


Sportacus from Lazytown

                          You're a star!                                Puppet Theatre                           Sleeping Beauty


                           Castle cake                                       Noddy                                      Handbag


In The Night Garden figures

                             Horrid Henry                                  Xbox                                  Number 3 cake

                               Noddy                                      Lovehearts                          Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear


Number One cake


             James & the Giant Peach                        Ben 10                                       Iggle Piggle                       

                          Jerry                                      In The Night Garden                              Castle


                                  Cath Kidston Cowboys Radio                     Cerys' butterflies



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              80th Present cake                 Juicy Couture Shoebox & bag

Retro circles

21st present cake                      80th Poker cake                           Pink Suitcase 

Betty Boop


Cake for a Beautician                  Jimmy Choo bag & shoebox                    50th Shopping


       50th Bee cake                               Heart starburst cake                    New York skyline 21st cake

Cutie baby Dragon


Rebecca's 16th                            70th Floral spray                      Jimmy Choo shoebox


Russian doll cake                           Rosette cake                            McDonalds cake


              Vivienne Westwood Shoe               Lorna's butterflies                                  Owl 21st  


Jimmy Choo shoebox                        40th Birthday                        40th Birthday pink star 


  Joint Birthday cake                      Cath Kidston Red Star Radio                       Book Lover's cake

Sabrina's Scooby Doo 



Jim Royle 21st cake

IPOD cake


Guitar cake                          Suitcase cake with model                       40th singer

Rugby Shirt


50th Pint pot                            Garden plantpot                                 40th stars


Mountain cake


Tardis cake                                 Everton cake                                  Football cake


Wallace                                      No1 Grandad                                  Suitcase cake

Music 18th



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