Cupcake Pan

The cupcake pan is one of the easiest pans in the whole collection to decorate. It is so versatile in terms of skill. The cakes shown here weren't made with any special tips (except for the writing). All that was used was a spatula, but yet the cakes still came out great!
1. A cake - this pan takes one box mix or one two-layer cake mix
2. One batch of frosting, about 3 cups
3. Desired coloring for frosting
4. Any other desired decorations - like sprinkles
5. Tip #5 for any desired writing
6. A spatula/knife
7. Tin foil
To bake - about 35 minutes but check the recipe
To decorate - about half an hour, depending on how intricate you want to make your cupcake
Total - about 2 hours
    This cake can be for anything really. It can be for a school event and  you can decorate it in school colors, or it can be for a birthday
    party. The cakes I have here are simple cakes. I decided to make the cupcake holder (the bottom half of the cake) pink and then the
    frosting portion of my cake is "vanilla" or white. To add some decoration I put on some purple sprinkles. As you can see from the bottom
    picture, I then customized the cake by adding the saying "Happy Birthday Heather" to it. That particular cake would be served for a
    birthday. Except for the writing, all I used was a spatula to frost the cake. For the writing I used a tip #5. It is possible to get more
    advanced with this cake, however. You can add flowers or swirls to the cupcake container (the bottom half) to make it more intricate.