Hello Everyone! Welcome to the new website that introduces the cake pan program at the Bethel Library.

Let me start off by telling you a little about myself. My name is Katie Palmer and I am senior Girl Scout in Troop 50781 in Brookfield, Connecticut. I have been a Girl Scout since kindergarten, a total of 13 years! For my Gold Award project I created the Cake Pan program at the Bethel Public Library.
The Gold Award, for those of you who don't know, is the highest award in Girl Scouting and is comparable to the Boy Scout Eagle Award. The Gold Award is the culmination of a young woman's self-discipline, leadership, time management, originality, and initiative. In addition, the project is designed to address an area or service that is lacking in the community.
The area my project is designed to address is cake baking and decorating. After Christmas of 2009, I realized that cake pans were not easily accessible to those who needed or wanted them. I couldn't understand why I couldn't just go to the library and check out the pan that I wanted. It was then that I designed the program that is now in place at the Bethel Library.
At the library, we have 10 cake pans that are available for the public to check out. The animal cracker pan, the cross pan, the crown pan, the cupcake pan, the heart pan, the number one pan, the pirate ship pan, the sports ball pan, the star pan, and the teddy bear pan are all at the Bethel Library. When you check out a cake pan at the library, you also check out the library rules sheet, general instructions on how to decorate, and specific ideas and instructions on how to decorate that particular pan. All of that information is reproduced on this website. You can navigate the menu on the left to find pages for individual cake pans, decorating instructions, and instructional videos for those of you who prefer to have a visual guide when learning these techniques.  
I hope that the information that you find here is helpful to you. Whether you have never baked a cake before or if you are an experienced cake decorator, I hope that you can use this website to your benefit. The cakes and techniques shown on the website range from beginner to advanced as well as quick cakes to time consuming cakes. The only thing that I ask is that you take care of the program. The system that we have in place of washing the pans is approved by the Bethel Health Department and is there to ensure that the public remains healthy and safe. However, it is up to the public to keep up the care of the cake pans and I ask that you please do that. Hopefully this program will be in place for many years to come for all to enjoy.

As a final note, if you wish to print out any of the directions that appear on this website to have with you when you are decorating, that is fine. However, you have to change the font color to black first. Because of the blue background of the website, I put all of the font in white which won't show up when you print it out on white paper. I would suggest copying the material you desire, pasting it into a word document, changing the font color to black, and then printing.
I can't wait to see how creative you get with the cake pans, so lets get decorating!
-Katie Palmer 11/24/10