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Thanksgiving Cake Pops

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thanksgiving cake pops
thanksgiving cake pops - Chicago Metallic
Chicago Metallic Non-Stick 12- Cup Mini Popover Pan
Chicago Metallic Non-Stick 12- Cup Mini Popover Pan
Crisp, puffy popovers are crowd pleasers with any meal. Using this aluminum, nonstick pan, you can create up to 12 at a time. Cups are designed so that as popovers bake, rise, and "pop over" they won't spread into the others in the pan. Deep tapered cups promote even baking and better air circulation. Use for muffins and cornbread, too. Dishwasher safe..

Regular muffin tins can't make a perfect popover--the classic American pastry that requires just the right heat circulation to inflate and pop over without overcrowding. Chicago Metallic has engineered this pan to ensure that every popover gets a big rise. Each 2-1/4-by-2-inch cup is suspended from crossbars and has an extra-wide lip so popovers can spread out and up. Properly puffed, popovers are a quick breakfast indulgence with butter and jam, or a savory surprise for dinner when stuffed with a mushroom filling. This pan is made from the same professional-quality steel and nonstick coating as Chicago Metallic's full line of bakeware, which is designed for the home cook who has high standards. --Lynne Sampson

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Cake Pops - Thanksgiving Turkeys
Cake Pops - Thanksgiving Turkeys
Turkey Cake Pops: - gingerbread flavored candy corn for the feathers - Larger cake ball for the body with a smaller cake ball for the head "glued" on with melted chocolate - hard candy "googley-eyes" - mini candy coated chips for a beak - orange heart for the waddle - yellow fall leaves for the feet
Pilgrim Hat Cake Pops for Thanksgiving
Pilgrim Hat Cake Pops for Thanksgiving
Pilgrim Hat Cake Pops

thanksgiving cake pops
thanksgiving cake pops
Freshware 6-Cavity Diamond Cake Silicone Mold and Baking Pan
The Freshware SL-111RD can make up to 6 delectable diamond-shaped pastries at once! This food-grade silicone baking pan offers superior quality construction that is heat, odor, and stain-resistant. One of the many new silicone pans from Freshware's premium Chef's Specialties line, this diamond pan offers a non-stick surface that allows the cakes to pop right out of the mold without leaving a mess. Pan Size: 11.7-Inch by 6.8-Inch by 1.8-Inch, Cup Size: 2.7-Inch diameter by 1.8-Inch, Volume: 6 by 100-Ml, Total 600-Ml