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Decorating Ideas For The Office

decorating ideas for the office
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Homemade drums for schoolkids
Homemade drums for schoolkids
Pandora staffers volunteer once a month at a local school, teaching music lessons. Here is Steve, our Music Operations Manager, with a drum he made from cardboard tubing, and that shrinkable plastic wrap you can blow-dry tight around your windows. (in this case, it makes an excellent drum head.) He and the volunteering gang will assist our 3rd graders in making, decorating, and playing their own drums. We'll also do a basic lesson on time signatures, rhythm, etc. Drum instructions, per Steve: Supplies: Cardboard tubes cut to size (we used shipping tubes, but this could even be an oatmeal container) Squares of that shrinkable plastic for winterizing windows Double sided tape Packing tape Black Duct Tape Glue sticks Hairdryer Stickers, markers, crayons, construction paper Long pencils with erasers (drum sticks) Thin but sturdy rope (optional) Making the drum: 1) Put a ring of double-sided tape around the cardboard drum shell, about 1/2" - 1" below the rim. 2) Carefully lay one plastic sheet across the top of the drum shell. Press the plastic against the double sided tape at any spot around the ring, making sure it's relatively centered. Pull the plastic somewhat tight (it will be tightened later with the hair dryer) and press the plastic against the double sided tape directly opposite the first spot. Next, push the plastic against the tape at the spots 90 degrees from the first two. Then work your way around the drum and stick the rest of the plastic against the tape, being careful not to get too many wrinkles. 3) When the first drum head is fully attached, repeat step 2 with a second drum head over the first, for more sturdy drum head. 4) When both drum heads are attached one over top of the other, wrap one layer of packing tape around the drum, taping down the loose edges of the plastic sheets to the cardboard. 5) Use the hair dryer to shrink the plastic tight over the drum. Maybe stop a few times and tap the drum to see if you can hear the pitch rising as the drum tightens. 6) Once the drum head is sufficiently tight, and the drum sounds AWESOME, pick the desired color of construction paper, wrap around drum (may need 2-3 sheets glued end to end), and attach to cardboard with glue sticks and black tape around the top and bottom rims. 7) If you want to the drum to be wearable around the neck, make two holes in the sides of the drum and thread the ends of the rope into the holes. Knot the rope inside the drum to hold the rope in place. 8) Decorate the drum (stickers, markers, crayons etc...). 9) Bang on the drum! (Above, Steve is using the eraser ends of unsharpened pencils to bang on the drum, but I believe he also tested the drum with regular drum sticks.) Big thanks to Steve (a pianist by trade) for dreaming up this idea, and for leading the lesson at the school. I'm guessing his three-year-old son is going to inherit the original model shown in this photo. : )
Office - In Process
Office - In Process
So, my federal tax refund is being deposited into my account in the next couple of days so I thought I'd start documenting the process of decorating and organizing my office! This is a shot looking from the door. I've got a few ideas for desks and other furniture, but I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about A) the bike and B) seating for guest (or me if I want to read).

decorating ideas for the office
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