Decorating ideas for laundry room. Christmas decoration for kids.

Decorating Ideas For Laundry Room

decorating ideas for laundry room
    laundry room
  • A laundry room (also called a utility room) is a room where clothes are washed. In a modern home, a laundry room would be equipped with an automatic washing machine and clothes dryer,and often a large basin, called a laundry tub, for hand-washing delicate articles of clothing such as sweaters,
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Laundry Room - After
Laundry Room - After
I painted the laundry room a Devine color called Skyline. It's a purply gray color. I think it complements the kitchen color seen in the foreground, a very favorite color of mine, Gossamer Blue by Benjamin Moore. I also hung sheer curtains over the shelves.
Laundry Room
Laundry Room
The renovation included updating the laundry room. Lockers, custom cabinets, stackable washer and dryer and new bathroom were added. The Jet Mist honed granite and wallpaper add a nice touch to the room.

decorating ideas for laundry room
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