Ride Schedule


8 am Pack & Paddle Ride: Leaves from Pack & Paddle from the rear parking lot at 8 am. Pace: This is a fast paced ride and no leaders for the moderate group or racers group. It is best to get together with others before the ride for those who feel they may not keep up with the faster paces. This way smaller sub groups can form and still be able to ride together.


8am Girard Park ride from Girard Park. Pace: Average speed around 20mph. Distances vary, depending on the majority of everyone's schedule. Rides can be as long as 60-70 miles and as short as 40-50 - it just depends. In the summer months, riders enjoy beer and snacks afterwards.


Summer Months: 
Youngsville - Rouses' Grocery corner of Chemin Metairie and Hwy 92- 6pm - daylight dependant - stay current with the Yahoo groups. Average Speed: 20mph

Acadiana Park - 6pm Average Speed: 18mph

Winter Months:

Bendel Gardens - 5:30 pm until (this is around the fall months when the days are much shorter) a 2 mile loop.