My name is Yinghao Cai (蔡莹皓). I am now working in Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences as an associate professor. I was a postdoctoral researcher in Institute of Robotics and Intelligence Systems and Integrated Media Systems Center,  University of Southern California and a senior researcher in Machine Vision Group , University of Oulu, Finland working with Prof Matti Pietikäinen.  Prior to that, I received my Ph.D degree in National Labortary of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation,  Chinese Academy of Sciences under the supervision of Prof Tieniu Tan.

My research interests include computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning. More specifically, object detection and tracking in surveillance applications.

  • Eurasip paper accepted.
  • ICPR paper and CCPR paper accepted.
  • One MVAP paper accepted.
  • NSFC funding received about Multi-source target tracking.
  • Industry funding received about UAV image registration and 3-d reconstruction. 
  • One AVSS 2015 paper accepted. 
  • IEEE International Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Computing (Best Paper Award).
  • One PR paper accepted.  Ran He, Yinghao Cai, Tieniu Tan, Larry Davis, Learning predictable binary codes for face indexing, Pattern Recognition, 2015.
  • Ranking 1 in the multiple camera tracking challenge in ECCV 2014 Workshop on Visual Surveillance and Re-Identification (link).

Contact Information:
No 95 ZhongGuanCun East Road, Institute of Automation,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100190, China
Mobile: +86 13552798792

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