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Picture cred: Starfleet Rebel

General Disclaimer: The Characters do not belong to me. In the Case of Star Trek, they belong to Paramont. I'm only borrowing them for a quick sec.

Drabbles (fics exactly one hundred words in length)
Ficlets (short one chapter fics)
  • Matchmaker - Endgame Fixer for VAMB's Secret Santa 2008. Tom plans a post holiday get together for the Voyager crew with interesting consequences for the command team! Set 6 months after Endgame.
  • Old Habits - For VAMB's Spring Fling 2009 (Same set up as the Secret Santa) Kathryn's old habit of isolating herself is back. Can Chakotay coax her out this time? Set 9 months after Endgame (and not in anyway connected to Matchmaker..) 
  • Talaxian Tomatoes Confessional - For VAMB's Secret Santa 2009. First fic set during Voyager's Journey. Set during end of season 2/beginning of season 3. Kathryn can't get what happened at New Earth out of her head, but has no one to turn to on the ship. So she risks writing it down in her log, which of course backfires.