Major: Advertising
My name is Caitlin Glazebrook and I am currently a senior at the University of San Francisco. I am taking this CS course to learn about how to create mobile apps through Android.


How well do you know your designers? Find out by using Purse Frenzy! See if you can guess which purse is by Chanel. If you get the answer correct, you will know when the music starts to sound! Use QR code to access this app

What exactly do you know your favorite wild animals? Quiz yourself with this app and test your knowledge. Feel free to skip a question or go back to an old one and try your answer again. Scan code to play!

If you are in need of a taxi, this is the app for you! Download "Text the Taxi" to your phone if you are looking for a taxi to drive you to a certain location, or if you are a taxi company searching for your next job. Send a text with your location to a taxi company of your choice and have them pick you up after they receive directions using the map. If you are a taxi driver or company, all you need to do is download the app to receive requests to pick up customers. When they send you a text with their name and address, their location will appear on a map and guide you with directions. Once you hit the "Job Complete" button, you will be able to continue on to the next job.

Get the shark before he gets you! Poke the shark as many times as you can before he swims away! Think the challenge is too easy? Make the shark go faster by entering how fast you want him to go and keep track of your score! All the while, listen to the peaceful sounds of the ocean waves.