Dr. Ruichu Cai, Professor

I am currently a Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science, Guangdong University of Technology

I has served as reviewers in several journals, including IEEE TNNLS, IEEE TKDE, Neural Computation, PLoS ONE, Soft Computing, Neurocomputing, Applied Intelligence and so on.


  • Natural Science Foundation of China Causal Inference on High Dimensional Incomplete Observational Data and Its Applications
  • Guangdong Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar:Causal Discovery on High Dimensional Data: Theory and Applications (01/2015-12/2018)
  • Science and Technology Plan Project of Guangzhou City: Public Opinion Mining System For Enterprise Decision (03/2014-03/2014)
  • Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province: Disease-Causal Gene Discovery in Gene Expression Data(finished)
  • Natural Science Foundation of China : Research on Causal Inference Based Disease-Causal Gene Discovery (finished)
  • Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province: Disease-Causal Gene Discovery in Gene Expression Data(finished)
  • Foundation of State Key Lab. for Novel Software Tech.: V-Structure Search Based Disease-Causal Gene Discover(finished)

Research Interests

My interest mainly focuses on data mining, machine learning and their applications. Now, I am working on the problem "How to inference causal structures in observational data". 

Previous work includes:

  • Statistical learning theory and its application on cancer classification
  • Efficient and robust feature selection algorithms and its application on gene expression data 
  • Heuristic search algorithm, such as Ant Colony Optimization, and its application on economics   

Academic Background

I pursued my undergraduate study in the Applied Mathematic Department in South China University of Technology and got my bachelor degree in 2005.

After that I continued my postgraduate study in the Computer Science Department at the same university, and got my Ph.D. in 2010.

I was a visiting student at the National University of Singapore in 2007-2009.

I was a Postdoc Researcher at Advanced Digital Sciences Center (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Research Center in Singapore) in 07/2013-07/2014. 

Selected Publications

  1. Ruichu Cai, Jie Qiao, Zhenjie Zhang, Zhifeng Hao. SELF: Structural Equational Embedded Likelihood Framework for Causal Discovery. AAAI,2018.[pdf][code]
  2. Ruichu cai, Zhenjie Zhang, Zhifeng Hao, Marianne Winslett.  Sophisticated Merging over Random Partitions: A Scalable and Robust Causal Discovery Approach. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems,2017
  3. Ruichu Cai, Zijie Lu, Li Wang, Zhenjie Zhang. DITIR: Distributed Index for High Throughput Trajectory Insertion and Real-time Temporal Range Query, PVLDB,2017 10(12):.[video]
  4. Ruichu Cai, Mei Liu, Yong Hu , Brittany L. Melton, Michael E. Matheny,Hua Xu, Lian Duan, Lemuel R. Waitman. Identification of adverse drug-drug interactions through causal association rule discovery from spontaneous adverse event reports. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 76 (2017) 7–15
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