About us

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How we got our name "Cairn"

What we do is create hand crafted, woven one at a time, customizable water bottles with a paracord netting and a webbing shoulder strap. You can mix and match colors and the benefits for this product seem to be endless. Check out the benefits and uses here.

What you're paying for in addition to the awesome product you'll use continuously every day, you'll also be supporting an amazing cause - saving the planet - by not buying single use bottles and by supporting our innovative new sales design. Our first step is to build the traveling store...

Our Story

Our mission is to keep the people of the world hydrated with as little material waste as possible and to encourage daily creativity, interaction with nature, and bringing people together.


The first of its kind, a new business model where 'local' comes to you. Inspired by the Spanish Gypsies, our goal is to travel and bring our product around the country with 50% of our sales achieved gypsy-style by the spring of 2014.


With a 1976 transit bus capable of running on vegetable oil, we will try to reduce our gasoline consumption as much as possible. We will also be eliminating the use of packaging and boxes when sold town-to-town.


Phase disposable water bottles out of existence.

"Madness"? That's for you to decide - with your decisions and actions every day for how you choose to drink your water.