I'm an associate professor in philosophy at the University of Toronto. 

I work on issues in philosophical logic, epistemology, philosophy of language and metaphysics.


Being Hesperus and Being Phosphorus


Updating and Anaphora


Empty Names and Higher-Order Logic


Context Dynamics

HandoutSemantics and Pragmatics (forthcoming)

First-Person Propositions (with Dilip Ninan)

Philosophers' Imprint (forthcoming)

Classical Opacity (with Jeremy Goodman and Harvey Lederman)

HandoutPhilosophy and Phenomenological Research

Semantic Indecision

HandoutPhilosophical Perspectives

Bunder's Paradox

Review of Symbolic Logic

A Problem for Credal Consequentialism

Epistemic Consequentialism, OUP

Benardete's Paradox and the Logic of Counterfactuals


Doxastic Logic

Open Handbook of Formal Epistemology

Agreement and Updating for Self-Locating Belief

HandoutJournal of Philosophical Logic

Agreement Theorems for Self-Locating Belief

Review of Symbolic Logic

Credence in the Image of Chance

HandoutPhilosophy of Science

Calibration and Probabilism


Rational Probabilistic Incoherence

HandoutPhilosophical Review Reprinted in The Philosopher's Annual, Vol. 33

Metasemantics and Metaphysical Indeterminacy

HandoutMetasemantics, OUP

Belief and Indeterminacy

HandoutPhilosophical ReviewReprinted in The Philosopher's Annual, Vol. 32

Vagueness and Semantic Indiscriminability

Philosophical Studies

Paradox and Belief



Being Hesperus and Being Phosphorus

HoMeWork 2022/ Handout

Comments on Paolo Santorio and Robbie Williams' "Indeterminacy and Triviality"

Pacific APA, 2019 / Handout

Comments on Caspar Hare's "Should We Wish Well To All"

Philosophy Mountain Workshop 2015 / Handout

Comments on Carr, Konek and Levinstein

FEW 2014 / Handout

Review of Diana Raffman, Unruly Words

Philosophical Review
CVEmail: caiemike[atsymbol]gmail.com