I'm an associate professor in philosophy at the University of Toronto. 
I work on issues in philosophical logic, epistemology, philosophy of language and metaphysics.


Classical Opacity (with Jeremy Goodman and Harvey Lederman)
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming)

Philosophical Perspectives (forthcoming)

Review of Symbolic Logic (forthcoming)

Open Handbook of Formal Epistemology,
Jonathan Weisberg and Richard Pettigrew (eds.)

Epistemic Consequentialism, Jeffrey Dunn and Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij (eds.)

Philosophy of Science

Philosophical Review 
Reprinted in The Philosopher's Annual, Vol. 33, Patrick Grim, Paul Boswell,
Daniel Drucker, Sydney Keough (eds.) 

Metasemantics and Metaphysical Indeterminacy
Metasemantics, Alexis Burgess and Brett Sherman (eds.), OUP

Philosophical Review
Reprinted in The Philosopher's Annual, Vol. 32, Patrick Grim, Chloe Armstrong, 
Patrick Shirreff, Nils-Hennes Stear (eds.)

Vagueness and Semantic Indiscriminability
Philosophical Studies