• About Me
I was born in a small village of Hunan Province located in the south of China. Although the life was hardscrabble, I grew up very happily with great care from the whole family, and the childhood gave me not only an intimate acquaintance with the ordinary people but also a keen sense of obligation. I finished my college and masters' studies at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. In Fall 2004, I came to Duke University, Durham, NC to pursue my Ph.D. In May 2008, I got my Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering. After that, I continue my academic career as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of electrical and computer engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC.
  • Summary

My short-term goal is to find a dynamic environment in academia or industry where I can focus on and develop my professional research. My long-term plan is to integrate my research with real and reliable applications, primarily by exploring the fundamental principles of learning and decision-making in presence of uncertainty, and applying theses principals and frameworks in solving real complex problems.

  • Specialities

Solid background in machine learning, data mining, decision-making under uncertainty, predictive modeling and statistical analysis

Expertise in reinforcement learning, supervised learning, multi-task learning, non-parametric Bayesian statistics, and active learning

Extensive experience in many state-of-the-art statistical inference, classification and clustering techniques and their applications to large-scale real problems, including but not limited to, sensor surveillance, sensor planning and management, and automatic trading.

Updated on 09/11/09