Evolution of Made in Wray

Established in 2011 by local resident Cath Halstead Made in Wray was set up to offer Garden and Property Maintenance Services to the local area and in doing so began to journey to today

 In addition to the Services - Cath found a demand for hand crafted wooden garden planters following requests from Customers and a need for something bespoke and unique to them which led to the development of the Outdoor Collection and named link to the ‘first owner’ or ‘idea man’ of each product name and this continues today throughout all the product ranges

 2012 saw the Austin Manger Planter feature in Gardening Weekly and voted 2nd with 8/10 against national competition and fame for a week...!

 Apart from Woodstores  - Planters are pretty seasonal  - Springtime and early summer so this left a gap in the business ‘over winter’ and this led to the introduction of handcrafted oak boards.....

 ...... November 2013 saw the introduction of the traditional oak boards to the local Post Office offering Made in Wray edge carved platter boards which began the ‘Board Meeting’ a selection of board designs which continue to evolve each year and offer hand crafted bespoke oak boards unique in appearance and design

 Following the success of Made in Wray at The Duchy of Lancasters Castle Market in 2015 the Board Meeting will be going ‘On Tour’ to gain some more brand exposure and further develop the business through local markets & Shows

 Going forward technology and internet (thanks to B4RN) will hopefully play a hugh part in taking Made in Wray Products forward and increasing the business exposure - already with the website, the blog and Facebook and with plans to eventually hit ecommerce — ‘the world is waiting to see you and can if you can see yourself through the eyes of the world’

 Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you would like to see more product and Meet the Maker -  join me 'On Tour'.......