These care instructions have be prepared to extend the longevity of your Made In Wray products

Outdoor Wooden Products Care Instructions

Please below full details of care and planting instructions for your Made In Wray Outdoor Wooden Products which come with your order



Thank you for rehoming me and I hope I can help you grow your veg or provide a wonderful medium for displaying plants in your garden or yard.


If, I have arrived legless, I can only apologise, but I travel better this way.   Please follow the instructions below to rebuild me:-


· Would you please match my legs to my body — a to a, b to b, c to c & d to d. 

· There are screws (crosshead / philips variety) in this package — 4 for each leg and 2 go on each side —  marked by  black dot on the inside of my body. 

· Please line up the legs to the guidelines on the outside and then screw me back together from the inside.

· You could do this on your own but I would definately recommend asking a friend to help as will make it a lot easier and safer -  without a doubt !


To give you my best performance please cover my base (inside) with a fabric weed control material liner and now add  5 — 10 cm of pea gravel  (10 or 20 mm) so I can drain exceptionally well.


(You can line all my inside with a polythenne liner if you wish but, please, before adding any gravel pierce the liner over my drain holes so I can breath.)


Please dispose of my packaging safely and do not leave  the packaging unattended at any time as misuse may be a risk to individuals health and safety.


Would you please read the planting and care intructions enclosed to help ultilise my abilities 100%.


I hope I can provide you with years of service and should you need any other information please contact Made in Wray.

 For the care, protection, maintenance and longevity of your Made in Wray wooden planter, please follow these guidelines:

To prepare and fill your planter

Place screen or landscape fabric over the base covering the drainage holes before covering with a layer of pea gravel (5-10mm) - this prevents the hole from being clogged and allows for better drainage. 


Then add a suitable planting mix - The choice of growing medium is extremely important. It must have the capability of holding water, but it must also be porous and drain easily. Preferably use commercial potting mixes. There are many available, but they can vary a lot in quality, so be prepared to add organic materials such as compost or peat moss for moisture retention and course builder’s sand for drainage (The use of garden soil should be totally avoided because of the risk of insect infestations and soil borne diseases and fungi)


Watering your Plants


Plants in planters will dry out much sooner and need watering more often. To determine when the plant needs watering, stick your finger down into the soil and if is dry water the plant thoroughly. Because frequent watering will wash the plant food out of the soil, and the plant will utilize the limited soil nutrients they will be depleted much more rapidly, so a regular feeding program should be established according to the type of plant. During the growing season, either a slow release type plant food should be used or a soluble complete fertilizer should be used every two weeks – however please follow the manufacturers recommendations.


Further information

If you wish to stain your planter please use water based waterproof shed/fence stain - Please do not spray with sealers.


The Board Meeting Care Instructions

Please find below full details of care instructions for your Made In Wray Oak Board

The Board Meeting


Quality Control Report  - Care Instructions


           My boards are made from oak, and will contain a low level of moisture that ensures the wood is as stable as possible, i.e. minimal risk of cracking or warping


Wood is naturally hydroscopic, meaning that its moisture content varies   depending on local humidity levels. Your board has been comprehensively    treated with Danish Oil which protects against the ingress of moisture


Naturally with use your board will scar and also start to dull — therefore it will need some tender loving care (tlc) and as it starts to dull please oil your board in order to  maintain its’ beauty and long life


Please follow the oil manufacturer’s instructions paying particular attention to the  engraving and knots and also ensure all faces and edges of the board are         thoroughly treated with Danish Oil

By following the simple guidelines below your board should provide many years of  service  and pleasure

Please oil the board regularly - you can not cause any damage by over-oiling

Please store the board on a flat surface (not on its edge)

Please do not immerse the board in water or wash it in a dishwasher

Please do not subject the board to significant changes in temperature, for

example, by placing it on a stove or radiator


If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact Made In  Wray on 015242 36233 or email


Thank you