Our MUSICAL THEATRE, CHOIR, & DRAMA THEATRE Departments perform several times a year & are a creative group that delights school assemblies, talent shows, competitions, and public performances.  It is led by the Teacher Staff Directors along with students and adult volunteers.  We welcome others to join on these creative endeavors!

MUSICAL THEATRE participation occurs by auditioning as an after school activity (or can be taken for credit).  Orientation meeting typical occurs in November. It is a big & special production with several adult professionals coaching in acting, singing and dancing.  It's for those students willing to learn, grow and have fun with a creative group. 

DRAMA THEATRE participation occurs by enrolling in regular, school hour, Drama class.  Students will learn & engage in numerous acting techniques plus rehearse for performances. They typically perform a play in December (semester 1 students) and enact staged readings in May (semester 2 students).  The teacher-director, Spencer Farmer, has students involved in the production (sets, costumes, sales) with minimal parent involvement.