More Artwork & Conclusion

This is titled "Santa Fe Lake." It was Clarence's favorite fishing spot just east of Wichita. His granddaughter remembers this watercolor well and informed me that it's Clarence in the chair fishing. She said he wasn't happy with the end product and never signed it.
Clarence enjoyed fishing and often took his grand children to Tunnel Mill Dam on the Walnut River near Winfield, Kansas. That location may have inspired this oil. Below is a picture of the actual Tunnel Mill Dam.

In conclusion, can you identify the people in these pictures?
Please contact me if you recognize anyone.
Clarence (l) and two unidentified men.
Unknown Art Institute friends.
Clarence labeled this "at the Kennedy's." But Loren Kennedy's daughter doesn't recognize anyone. 
It must have been mislabeled.
Clarence is third from left. One gal is Margaret Schneider. Which one? And who are the other two?
  A poster he did. Unknown date or location.