Physical Activity and Adolescents Project

Partner: Baltimore City Department of Parks and Recreation

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2006. Ries, A.V., Voorhees, C.C., Alexander, C., Gittelsohn, J., & Roche, K. “Environmental influences on the use of recreation centers and parks for physical activity among African American adolescents.” Presentation: Robert Wood Johnson Active Living Research Conference. San Diego, CA. 

Spring, 2008. “Baltimore City’s Parks and Recreation Centers: An Underutilized Resource for Urban Teens.” Issues Brief surveying teens’ attitudes and perceptions of recreational facilities.

 Media Highlights:
 December, 2008. "Slender in the Grass," an article linking green spaces with improved health among young people that quotes extensively from the parks and recreation centers Issues Brief. Appeared in the December 10, 2008 issue of Time magazine.
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