C-AHEAD believes in partnering with other organizations with a similar mission to achieve improvement in health care delivery and education.
OMERI: The Osteopathic Medical Education Research Institute (OMERI) is a
non-profit organization formed through the joint efforts of the American Association of
Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) and the Center for the Advancement of
Healthcare Education and Delivery (C-AHEAD). The sole purpose of this organization
is to support Osteopathic Medical Education Research.
OPTI-West: OPTI-West is an educational consortium promoting Osteopathic medical
school and residency training. C-AHEAD partners with OPTI-West to promote
practice-based research in health care delivery methods and patient education

Rocky Mountain PACE: (Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) of Colorado Springs, Colorado: C-AHEAD works with PACE to develop and implement efficient and
effective health care delivery for senior patients in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Southern Colorado Family Medicine Clinic: C-AHEAD works with the Southern
Colorado Family Medicine Clinic to provide training for family practice residents in the
efficient, timely, and patient centered delivery of health care.
Memorial Hospital Continuing Medical Education Program: C-AHEAD is working
with the Memorial Hospital of Colorado Springs Continuing Medical Education
program to promote the advancement of quality care though physician education.