Date & Location

The California 2016 Google Geo Teachers Institute takes place on Mon 25th and Tue 26th July. both days will begin at 8am with breakfast, with sessions starting at 9am. Day one will end at 6pm but be followed by an onsite Google-hosted BBQ. Day two will finish by 4pm. If you plan to fly that evening from either SFO or SJC please be aware Bay Area traffic is already busy at that time, so you will want to depart promptly (especially for SFO). More details will be added to the agenda closer to the time. 


The event will be held in at Google Plymouth Building 2 (PLY2), 1550 Plymouth St, Mountain View, CA 94043 (see map and directions)


We kindly request that you do not bring your own guests (children, spouses, personal film crew, groupies, etc) to the Google GTI. In order to invite as many educators as possible we are filling our event facilities to the absolute maximum, and for this and security reasons we cannot accommodate extra guests.


There are no child daycare options on the Google Campus. For nursing mothers accommodations can possibly made to use the mothers’ room during the day, but based on past experience, attending the GTI with a baby has not been the best experience for either the mother or other attendees. Please contact us directly if you have concerns on this front.


It is strongly recommended that you bring a LAPTOP and SMART device (phone or tablet) to the GTI. Not all things shown will work on all OS and/or platforms, and there might be variations in functionality for iOS vs Android. Chromebooks will work for the majority of applications shown but not all. If you do not have access to a laptop, we can make some loaner Macbooks available for the event (please contact us if you think you will definitely need a loner device). Similarly we will have some smart devices available for training purposes, and to demonstrate applications not yet publicly available (e.g. Expeditions)

Google Store

  • Yes - there is an onsite Google Store 
  • No - we are not specifically scheduling visiting time 
  • However - the store remains open until 6pm each day. Our event is a 10-15 minute walk away, and the store is now open to public access. 
  • So - there will be time people to visit at lunchtime or after the day’s sessions are over 


It is likely that because of arrival in the Bay Area on the Monday morning or departure on the Tuesday evening, that you might wish to bring extra luggage with you to campus. You are welcome to do so and there will be a secure place to store it during the day, though please take out everything you need for the day is it likely wont be accessible during the day (due to sessions occurring in the room where the bags will be stored).