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Breakout Session #1

Option A:  Cross-Curricula with My Maps
Donnie Piercey
Want to see what else your students can do in Google My Maps other than just dropping placemarkers and polygons? My Maps has some powerful teaching and instructional tools that you can use regardless of the subject that you teach. This session will include some fun cross-curricular lessons and activities that you can start implementing in your classroom right away. 

Option B:  Oh the Places We'll Go with Street View
Jeff Crews
Exploring the world has never been easier with Google Street View. Come immerse yourself in 360-imagery from all over the world right from your phone. Try your hand at creating your own 360-imagery, opening up a world of possibilities for yourself and your students. Throw in some Google Cardboard and you will begin to see the world from a whole new perspective.

Option C:  The Basics - Tour Builder
Kim Randall
Tour builder is a highly usable way to create “Google Earth Tours”, where the user is flown from map view to map view. Supporting photos, video and text can be added to enhance the tour. They can be a way that teachers can introduce a study area or for students to create themselves.

Option D:  Google Cultural Institute
Julene Reed
Take your students on a trip around the world, visiting cultural institutes and exploring artworks, collections, and inspiring stories. Uncover incredible moments in history, take a tour of the wonders of the ancient and modern world, and examine artwork from many global locations. Learn how to integrate these amazing resources into your curriculum, bringing learning to life and inspiring inquiry.

Option E:  The Basics - Google Earth & KML
Katie Kennedy
Regardless of the subject or grade level you teach, Google Earth has something for you: the power of 3D visualization, useful built-in features, and the ability to create and share dynamic educational content. Explore a variety of ways to utilize Google Earth to boost student understanding and foster discovery.  Bring a laptop with Google Earth installed to this hands-on session.