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Breakout Session #3

Option A:  The Basics - My Maps
Diane Main
Google MyMaps lives in Drive these days, and it’s just waiting for YOU to come give it a try.  Whether you use it for your own personal fun (vacation planning, family field trips, family history mapping, and more) or work with students to have them tell their own geographically-based stories on a map, there are features to MyMaps that make it a much more powerful tool than simply getting directions on the smartphone app.  We will look at all the things you can do with MyMaps, including some super-cool ways to integrate Forms as well.

Option B:  Learning from the Past - Using Imagery to Observe, Analyze, Interpret and Predict
Dean Phillips
Timelapse is a powerful tool that utilizes high resolution Landsat imagery which has been stitched together in an easy to use interface that allows viewers to quickly and easily observe changes over time anywhere on the surface of the planet. This session, participants will make connections to various content areas demonstrating how the Timelapse tool can be used as a launching point for even deeper understanding and research. This session will also show participants how to create personalized Timelapses to help visualize a variety of environmental and social circumstances.

Option C:  Design Tips for Geo Storytelling
Richard Treves
Tour Builder and Google Earth are both capable of creating “Google Earth Tours” where the user is transported around Google Earth to tell a “place” story. In this session we will cover the rules of thumb that should be applied when creating Google Earth Tours in order to make the best Tours you can including tips and tricks for using the tools. Part of the discussion will cover my own experiences of setting Tours as assignments for school and university students. No previous knowledge is required but it will probably appeal more to those who have already experimented with Tours.

Option D:  Bringing Geo into High School Classrooms
Josh Williams
In this session, participants will learn how Google Geo technologies can be integrated in a high school setting to foster higher level critical thinking skills. Real world high school experiences will be shared along with guidance on where and how to start. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to share their own thoughts and ideas on how they integrate Google Geo technology in their learning experiences. While high school is the focus of this session, the information is applicable for all learners.

Option E:  Geography Gamification; Breakout GEO Edu
Cindy Lane
Breakout GEO Edu is a great source of geography learning for you and your students. Try and breakout, but you must be armed with geography skills and Google! Your group will participate and be able to take this game back to your school to try with others. Have fun AND learn? What a concept!