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Breakout Session #2

Option A:  Map Design for Teachers
Richard Treves
Does your map work? The best maps follow simple rules of thumb which enhance clarity, elegance and help the student map reader understand the map. In this session we will cover map design basics in Google Maps such as choosing the best base map, use of color and how to group data to make your map as effective as possible. “Graphical literacy” is the concept to describe what we’ll explore together and I will passionately make the case that it’s something we should know about and also be teaching our students. No previous skills or knowledge required.

Option B:  Bringing Expeditions into the Classroom
Julene Reed
Immerse your students in a virtual field trip and visit amazing places around the world. With Expeditions and Google Cardboard, you can bring curriculum to life with virtual reality. Join us as we explore our world together...and discuss how to tie this into the curriculum as we build global competencies.

Option C:  Geospatial Digital Storytelling by Design
Jerome Burg
Google Earth and Tour Builder each bring radical paradigm shifts to the experience of both creating and interacting with digital storytelling. In this session Google Lit Trip founder Jerome Burg shares a collection of design tips and tricks for developing an engaging and unique digital storytelling experience and bringing it to a global audience.

Option D:  Bringing Geo into K-5 Classrooms
Donnie Piercey
Description: Interested in learning different ways that you can bring the world of Google Geo tools into an elementary classroom, regardless of what grade you teach?  They not only make for great collaboration opportunities for your students, but they also can help them understand the importance of location, setting, and their larger community.  Donnie will be sharing the different ways that he incorporates the Google Geo suite into his classroom at a small school just outside of Lexington, Kentucky.

Option E:  An Hour (ish) of KML Code
Josh Williams
Spend an hour (+15 minutes) learning KML, the open standard language used by Google Earth to visualize geographic data. In this moderate to advanced session, participants will have the opportunity to learn the language of geospatial technologies, create and improve KML files, and apply KML files to Google Geo technologies. The technology used in this session requires a laptop with Google Earth installed.