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Tuscan Wedding Decor

tuscan wedding decor
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tuscan wedding decor - Live Lavender
Live Lavender Plant in 4" Clay Washpot
Live Lavender Plant in 4" Clay Washpot
Native to warm southern European areas, Provence Lavender is one of the most versatile and oldest herbs around, having been used for thousands of years around the Mediterranean Sea region. Lavender can be used in fragrant potpourri's, numerous recipes and flavorings, as well as the oil being extracted for aromatherapy, perfumes and medications. Beautiful velvety soft foliage takes on a silver grey tone in full sun with bright indigo blue flower spikes emerging in spring. Place in bright well lit areas, let soil dry between waterings. Can be kept in bright sunny indoor areas during brief periods of time but prefers to be outside long-term. Bring a piece of Tuscany into your home!

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Tuscan Faux Finish
Tuscan Faux Finish
Tuscan faux finish by Phoenix Arizona faux finishers experienced in all styles of faux finishing and decorative painting.
TVR Tuscan (Vorob'evy gory, Moscow) camera: Zenit ET with Industar 61-L/3-MC lense film: kodak profoto 135

tuscan wedding decor