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Stem Cells and their Role in Cancer

Presented by: Dr Leo Price

Leo Price Theatre, Bishop's Stortford College.  CM23 2PJ.

Stem Cells and their Role in Cancer 

What are stem cells? The commonly held view of stem cells that they follow a one way path of development into a terminally differentiated cell in an organ has been challenged recently. Skin cells, for example, can be 'reprogrammed' back to a 'pluripotent' state from which they can be redirected into nerve cells or heart muscle - at least in the petri dish.

In cancer, tumour cells with stem-like properties can evade chemotherapy and allow a tumour to regrow. Specifically targeting cancer stem cells may be a strategy to overcome this kind of drug resistance. We can also exploit the properties of cancer stem cells to grow mini-tumours in the lab and use them to develop new treatments. Similarly, by growing tumours from patient biopsies, we can try to identify the most effective existing treatments for each patient - so-called personalised therapy. Some examples of these applications will be presented. 

Dr Leo Price

Leo Price (1967) completed his PhD in Cell Physiology at University College, London (1995). He performed postdoctoral research at The Scripps Research Institute, USA, and in the Netherlands, studying the interaction of cells with each other and to their environment. Since 2006, he has led a research group at Leiden University in The Netherlands, where he has made extensive use of 3D cell culture models to address his research questions. In 2011 he founded OcellO, which makes use of these 3D cell culture models for evaluating drug responses in partnership with drug discovery companies. He lives in The Netherlands with his wife and three children.


The Leo Price Theatre, Bishop's Stortford College. CM23 2PJ.
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Stem cells and their role in cancer



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