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Ground Scource Heat Pumps

posted 2 May 2011, 12:45 by CafeSci Penwith
Hello, just to let everyone know that we have moved backed to Monday nights, as there was a clash at the arts club on Tuesdays.  The next meeting will be on Monday 9th May at 7pm for a 7:30pm start.

We have Guy Cashmore from Kensa Engineering talking about Ground source heat pumps, covering the following points:

1. A brief introduction about himself and heatpumps in general.

2. A few words about conventional heating, fossil fuels and rates of carbon emissions.

3. A few words about UK electricity generation, carbon emission rates from generation and the future.

4. A deeper look at issues of using heatpumps for heating, the different possible methods of absorbing low grade heat from the environment, different ways of emitting heat into buildings, the effect on coefficient of performance and the potential for carbon emission reduction.

5. A few words about typical running costs for a home heating system (if time allows).

6.Any questions

The poster is attached as usuall, hope to see you there!


CafeSci Penwith,
2 May 2011, 12:49