This website is the result of many years of effort in the field of mathematics and physics tutoring in all level of education. Our goal is to teach you how to employ Mathematica to learn and comprehend concepts of physic, mathematics, chemistry, biology and so on. Unlike experts who create long and complicated Mathematica code, we intend to teach you how to employ simple and short codes to facilitate education with Mathematica. Here you will be learning how to solve your complicated homework quickly and indeed. Also, with this technic, you will be able to have an advantage of speed in your performance in your optimal Mathematica code. This website is accessible by teachers and students, both can use this technic to have the finest education.

In this site, you will find:

  • Couple of topics could be found in the topics section of the website. In that section, thousands of educational files will be uploaded.
  • Pictures of my work in the Screenshot.
  • Informational videos could be found in the Video section.
  • In the Links section, you will find some links that we suggest you to see to obtain better ideas.

Creating long and complicated Mathematica notebooks is really useful but our main goal is to teach students to create their own Mathematica notebooks shorter and much easier. With this technic students will be able to apply this in their studies. We want students to learn concepts instead of wasting their time with calculating, Mathematica itself do calculations and let students to comprehend concepts as well.

To view or print mathematica nb files, ...

You must download the CDF Player, available for free on the Wolfram website.