Reading, reflecting, and analyzing all types of printed materials since 2006.


This club was originally established on Saturday, December 2, 2000 under the name Romantic Visions by serena3_2 (same person as a_soft_flower) and
It was created to discuss romance novels. On Monday, January 1, 2001, the group read and discussed its first book. Eventually, members decided to expand the group's reading to all types of "books" including nonfiction, fiction, poetry, graphic novels, and even comic books. No printed material is turned away or "banned" from Cafe Libri's monthly voting list. A name change contest was held on Thursday, February 23, 2006 to reflect the reading group's new mission statement (reading, reflecting, and analyzing all types of printed materials since 2006). SWY105 (Wil) suggested Cafe Libri, which became our group's new name. It is now owned by a_soft_flower (Serena/Adrianna) and co-owned by karana_20 (Shelli).
Cafe Libri (Yahoo Reading Discussion Group) is the original Cafe Libri creation. It is a Yahoo Group for all types of people. It is an informal online group that discusses a variety of subjects and is a great place to meet new friends. Discussion is always open-ended, and members are encouraged to take initiative in leading discussion topics.
Cafe Libri (Reading Discussions and Book Reviews on Goodreads) is a secondary reading group for all types of people. It was created on Monday, September 14, 2009 by a_soft_flower (Serena/Adrianna) to serve as an alternate group for Cafe Libri Yahoo members who are also members on this site. Goodreads allows members to discuss and write reviews on books and reading materials discussed at Cafe Libri Yahoo. Book discussions still continue primarily on Yahoo, but the Goodreads group allows us to advertise the original Cafe Libri to additional book lovers from around the world.
Cafe Libri (Reading Reviews and Book Reviews on Lunch) is another extension of the original Cafe Libri reading discussion group. It was created on Friday, March 12, 2010 by Adrianna. It serves as an alternative site where members can post book reviews, similar to Cafe Libri Goodreads, but with more review freedoms. Members can post any type of reading related review at Cafe Libri Lunch (not limited solely to book reviews--all genres and styles are encouraged such as manga, graphic novels, comic books, autobiographies, biographies, fiction, cookbooks, essays, poetry, short stories, oral stories, nonfiction, etc.). Some nontraditional examples include e-readers, book illustrations, and author reviews (to name a few). A user's imagination is the limit.

Cafe Libri (Reading Reviews and Book Reviews on Twitter), cross posted from Cafe Libri Lunch, is a Twitter page dedicated to posting information about what members from Cafe Libri Lunch are reading and reviewing. Follow us on Twitter for updates about fantastic reading materials that you should be checking out! You'll know that you are following the correct twitter page because the name is listed as "Adrianna," who is the owner of the original Yahoo Cafe Libri.
Cafe Libri (Reading Discussions and Book Reviews on Facebook) is the final creation of the original Cafe Libri reading discussion group. It was created on Sunday, June 15, 2014 by Adrianna to serve as an alternate group for Cafe Libri Yahoo members who are also members on this site. Book discussions still continue primarily on Yahoo, but the Facebook group allows us to advertise the original Cafe Libri to additional book lovers from around the world.

Cafe Libri (Reading Discussions and Book Reviews Community Page on Facebook) is a community page where owner Adrianna and co-owner Shelli post reading quotes, articles, and reviews from members of all versions of Cafe Libri. 

Current Reads

About the Group

We are an informal group of eclectic readers. We have a monthly book that members have the option to read and discuss together. Otherwise, members can post about all types of books that they are interested in reading or are reading with other people. 
Around the 5th of every month, the owner e-mails a monthly voting list to all members of the group. The co-owner will post descriptions of the book selections a day or two later. By the 15th of the month, the winning book title will be e-mailed to members. The voting list for the group's monthly read is comprised of titles from members' future reading lists. Members can add as many titles as they want to their future reading list. To add a book suggestion, members can post in the group or send a private e-mail to the owner or co-owner of Cafe Libri.
Around the 10th of every month, the co-owner posts formal discussion questions for the monthly read (if there are any available for the selected book). There is also a set of generic discussion questions under the Files section of the group. Members are not required to answer any of the discussion questions but can use them to spur conversation. Members are encouraged to pose their own set of questions or comments throughout the month as they read the book. Discussion of the book lasts all month and can carry over to the next month if needed. You do not have to have read the book by the first of the month in order to discuss it with the other members. 
Authors who would like to nominate one of their books as a read for the group should e-mail the owner of the group. They can post one message about their book as well as submit the title to their future reading list.


  1. Respect all readers! Sometimes we get into heated discussions because of the subject matter, but we should still respect everyone's opinion.
  2. Post SPOILER in the subject of your message or at the beginning of your message if there are book spoilers in it. It also helps if you indicate the chapter and page number that you are on. Members usually take the whole month, and sometimes longer, to read a book. So, typing spoilers with the page info helps members not read the discussions when they are not at that part of the book.
  3. Change subject titles when the topic changes.
  4. Write OT (Off Topic) in the subject heading when you are talking about things not related to the book. Sometimes, when reading a book, we associate it with other things, places, memories, etc. It can get "off topic" from the book discussion, which is fine. The OT in the subject heading allows members to skip off topic messages if they are uninterested in reading them.
  5. Spam, as defined for Cafe Libri, means any message that has a "hidden agenda," such as selling items that have nothing to do with reading, consistently writing off-topics responses that do not utilize the OT tag, getting members to sign-up on other sites with numerous e-mails, such as Grouply, or hate/rude messages. Members who break this rule will be deleted or banned from the group. In some cases, the member will receive an e-mail from the owner indicating why they were deleted and whether they can rejoin under a different account id. If you send Group invites, you will be deleted from Cafe Libri. You are welcome to join the group under another user name or e-mail address that is not associated with Grouply. Exceptions to this rule include: Blog or personal website links that are added at the bottom of a member's post, messages that pertain to other book sites or useful places to buy inexpensive books (limit to one e-mail), and information from authors that have been with the group for over a year. Members are encouraged to post most website advertisements under the links section of the group. If you are unsure whether your post will be labeled as spam, contact the owner or co-owner of the group.
  6. 450+ page books: When a book is longer than 450 pages, it will be read and discussed for two months. During the second month of reading, there will be an optional read chosen by either the owner (a_soft_flower) or one of the moderators (karana_20 or aerodaze). 
Net Speak
CR= Current Read
CLT= Currently Listening To
QR= Quit Reading
JF= Just Finished
TBR= To Be Read

Books We Have Read

If you would like to see what we have been up to, view the list of books we have read.

How to Join

To join Cafe Libri, all you need to do is sign up. Visit the website here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cafelibri

To e-mail the founders for more information, send messages to:

Serena- a_soft_flower@yahoo(dot)com
Karana_20 - sassy@basketballmail(dot)com

To view Member's book suggestions, visit the future reading list.

Themed Months


In September 2009, Cafe Libri (Yahoo Reading Discussion Group) and Cafe Libri (Reading Discussions and Book Reviews on Goodreads) started a tradition of hosting a secondary read for Frequently Challenged Books (last week of September). During the month of September, members are asked to choose any book that has been targeted for banning. Then, they read and write a small paragraph or two about their thoughts as to why people wanted the book banned. Members can also discuss and comment on their selected choices throughout the month. This is a tradition that is only hosted at Cafe Libri (Yahoo Reading Discussion Group) and Cafe Libri (Reading Discussions and Book Reviews on Goodreads). Make sure you are a member at one of those sites in order to participate. 

To access the books that were read and discussed last year, go to Banned Books Reads (Yahoo) or Goodreads Frequently Challenged Books Discussion Thread.

To access information on Frequently Challenged Reads, visit the American Library Association.

Yahoo Live Chats

Every quarter, about four months, the owner and co-owner of Yahoo Cafe Libri Reading Group host a live chat for readers from all web versions of Cafe Libri. Learn more about our live chats and when we will be hosting another one by going to the Yahoo Live Chats Page.

Final Note

Book groups such as these flourish only as much as members post and share their ideas and thoughts about books or anything else that is of interest. If no one posted, the group would cease to exist, so although any member can elect to just read the messages, I also hope that you will choose to participate and help the group to grow.