Los Musicos

Tony Connor - Guitar and Lead Vocals

Antonio Ramon Connor Largo was
born in Havana, Cuba . His
mother Maria was a nightclub singer who spied for Fidel and was briefly romantically linked to
Frank Sinatra ,whom she met at a party for General Batista hosted by the Mob.
She also conducted a clandestine affair with rebel general 
Che Guevara and it is possible that Tony Largo’s real father may have been 
either gentleman.

Maria Largo was exposed and died under interrogation before the regime toppled and  
the infant Antonio was smuggled 
across the Straits of Florida in a fishing boat, landing at Key Largo, where he was
 taught to play 
guitar by Santiago, an ageing deep sea fisherman.
His musical 
career nearly ended when his left arm was bitten off by a Mako shark whilst he was 
helping the old man in the sea. Undeterred, he was fitted with a prosthetic left arm and re-
learned guitar using his right hand which he does to this day.

Tony joined the burgeoning music scene in Miami 
becoming adept 
in all styles of Latin music but 
after testifying against South American drug 
 was relocated via a Federal
 witness protection program to Brighton, England, changing
his name to Tony Connor and easily blending in with the local 
beach scene. He scratched a living 
singing in local wine bars, where he met 
his wife Ruth (flute and saxes) from Fife, Scotland. By pure coincidence, they 
both hail from a place called Largo-hence the name of the band!

 Alex Cook - Percussion Alex - the  Rydim Section  ! In great demand, Alex plays percussion in a number of line ups. A versatile pair of hands and a popular personality on the boom box! Alex's unique percussive style was honed after he was kidnapped by Morrocan pirates and forced to entertain camel caravans in the bazaars and souks of the Western Sahara.

Ruth Paterson - Flute/ Saxes
Ruth hails from Largo, Fife, descendant of Robinson Crusoe and a girl he met in Ipanema, Brazil. Robinson and his woman avoided being eaten when shipwrecked by singing to the native island cannibals and teaching them to dance the samba. With a father fully versed in Latin, popular musical revue shows and classical piano, Ruth and siblings continue the minstrel tradition today.Whilst exploring the South of England, Ruth met Cuban exile Tony Largo playing rock music to recover from Social Work studies. After bringing up two children, Ruth and Tony re-visited Cuba and decided to begin a new partnership concentrating on Latin rhythms and romantic swing.

 Jonnie Dowswell – Bass & Keyboard 

Jonnie's first experiences of music included listening to the Greig Piano Concerto on a wind-up gramophone, and live music when his older brother’s skiffle group rehearsed in the front room of the family house in Dumfries. This was the late fifties and included such gems as My Old Man’s a Dustman and Smoke gets in Your Eyes. It was at this point he received a very useful grounding in music during three years of piano lessons. 

Joining the Merchant Navy at the age of sixteen he was encouraged by the second engineer (piano) and the ship’s electrician (drums) to provide bass accompaniment on an improvised tea chest with a broom handle and thick fishing line. Playing regularly in the Seaman’s Mission in Genoa, a favourite number was Lullaby of Birdland. Further musical inspiration at this time was also provided by the beautiful Latin American rhythms he heard from live bands in the coastal bars of Mexico and South America. 

Leaving the sea before he was twenty and taking to the hills as far away from the sea as possible he worked for many years at a remote weather station, studying the art of Zen String playing at a nearby Tibetan Monastery. Taking seven years this requires the student to adopt various yoga positions while contemplating the instrument for many hours a day without playing a note, and is very time consuming.

Working his way downwards through the strings starting with his grandfather’s violin, and spending some time on the cello, he eventually arrived at the double bass. He has played in various orchestras and operetta bands and now spends a lot of time arranging a wide range of music in many different styles for the Vintage Ensemble and now the Cafe Largo.

George Thomas - Trumpet
 As directed by his classical-music-only parents, George learnt to play the piano and recorder whilst at primary school.  At secondary school he rebelled and, as was very much frowned on by his family, he learnt to blow his own trumpet.  His long-suffering parents (not to mention neighbours) put up with the resulting din.
In the fourth year he began playing with the “The Epidemic”, a soul band founded by fellow schoolboys; his poor parents!
He has also played with orchestras, jazz bands, wind bands and a brass band,                                                                                 and plays with a small classical ensemble.
                                                                          George’s greatest musical achievement was to be head-hunted by Cafe Largo.


Ewan Connor - Sound Production, Technical  Advisor and Web-site

Formerly playing trumpet with Cafe until 2015 when he was voted out for looking "too cool" in sunglasses, Ewan's technical skills have built up over the years through working on numerous musical and theatrical productions locally and in Edinburgh, including a stint as Technical Manager at the Bedlam Theatre.
Now living in a windy suburb of the capital and working in what he refers to as "a real job with less risk of deafness", Ewan offers cable wrangling services, a variety of different colours of PVC tape and he knows where everyone needs to plug in.