Otmars Second Solo XC

Trying out the google pages. 

I went flying today 4/19/06. 

This was my second solo Cross Country and finishes up my required XC time. 

One more lesson and I'm told I'll be ready for the checkride. Written test is tomorrow. 

   We've got a number of these water tankers based here in Corvallis. Pretty funny looking copters. 

I've been told flying under one would be a bad thing!









It's not uncommon for the rental planes to be broken in some small way. This time it was just a dead battery and loose fan belt. Fortunately these guys were there to fix it up so I could fly, just had a bit of a late start. 








 That microphone would work a lot better if I had the switch flipped on the panel to activate it. Actually, I figured that out before  I started taking pictures. 










This plane just got back from getting a new tail section. You can see by the slip indicator that they didn't bother to trim it too well. As a result it requires strong right rudder when landing in calm winds. 

Did I mention how great these rental planes are? :) 






 It sure was a pretty day to go flying! 











 Here's the North Bend airport at Coos Bay, OR.  

My  approach was way too fast, maybe I should have put base leg benind the hill full of houses, The crosswind pretty much compensated for the untrimmed rudder,  then the warped brake disc on the right made the plane vibrate a bunch slowing down. Whee! I'm a test pilot! 

I left the engine running since I wasn't sure if it would start up again. Though in retrospect I'm sure it would have been fine.

On arriving home the calm wind landing required a bunch of rudder. I don't think I'll be taking this plane on my checkride.  Later on I flew this plane again and they had it all fixed up and flying straight bringing it back to one of my favorites there.