Biplane ride!

At the Northwest Antique Airplane Fly-In 2006


Very cool Travel Air Biplane. 

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The engine hangs right out there in the wind and those flying wires rush through the wind giving an impression of much more speed than actually is there. 




What would a biplane be good for, if not making the horizon change angles? 




The thing about Biplanes is that they land so slow that any field could be a regular landing strip. Therefore flying low over these fields is actually quite safe. Not something I would want to do in my own faster plane.  


  • Flying below the treetops over the river. I noticed how Cap'n Mac held plenty of speed so that we could land on fields nearby if anything were to go wrong.  He also cleared the area before droping down there. I hear he's been giving rides for 40+ years, he's certainly doing a great job of it. 

Very Pretty river.

Here we're playing crop duster. Heading for the trees at high speed. In a plane near the ground speed gives nice safe options. 



Even though I'm not flying the plane, I'm having a great time!  


Pretty fields in Oregon. I think this was the first time I've approached an airport and we had to climb to get to pattern altitude! 


Me smiling after the ride, with Cap'n Mac in his plane. If you see this guy selling rides at a local fly-in, go for a ride, you won't regret it.