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I'm using this free Google site to share my experiences with flying airplanes. I'm a bit surprised by how easy it is to make a website on it and I encourage you to play with your own if you like. I think you can get a free accounmt here: 

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So, Now back to my flying. I started training here in Corvallis Oregon in January of 2006, by May I had my private pilot licence and the skies will never be safe again! :)  I mostly fly for business since it makes the bay area a 3.5 hour trip from Oregon, and that sure beats driving to Portland, waiting for a plane, flying on a air-bus, getting a car in SF and driving to the small airport that I wanted to be at. Which probably gets closer to 6 hours and I'm farther from my destinations. Of course, for now I don't fly in clouds, (My style of IFR is "I Follow Roads") so I only fly on nice days which can be a limiting factor. Fortunately my schedule is often flexible. 

After my first Solo flight March first 2006.Just a picture here, click it to see a large version.

This next page is the minor adventure of my second Solo XC flight required to qualify for a private pilots license. Otmars Second Solo XC Page Click Here

In July I bought my first plane, It's a 1978 Grumman Tiger. A fairly fast, efficient and very safe plane.

I suppose I should write about my first annual inspection. It took close to a month, and with the improvements I chose cost almost as much as a car. On the good side I got to spend five days working on the plane (we had all the control surfaces and tailfeathers off) and learning a whole lot about it and airplanes in general. It was plenty safe to fly before, but having had it all apart I feel much more comfortable that there are no hidden sharp claws on this Tiger. Plus now it has the more efficient Sensenich propellor that is safe to fly at any RPM which makes those slow sightseeing flights with the canopy open so much more comfortable.

Late August is time for the Northwest Antique Aircraft fly in. So I went this year (2006) in order to learn more about older designs and hopefully efficient platforms for a future electric planes. This since they have gliders there.I also went because I heard they would offer rides in a Travel Air Biplane!
Pictures of it and my ride in the biplane here.

Many undocumented flights have gone by, but this one was well photographed and quite beautiful:

In late May of 2007, I flew to Kalifornia and back with a fellow pilot George. The return trip was a interesting experience of chasing rainbows in MVFR (Marginal Visual Flight Rules, meaning more clouds to avoid than I might like). George took a quite a few very nice pictures and you can see many of them in his photo album here. 

Actually since it's some crippled Microsoft program you'll have to scroll down in the menu once you are there to get to "CA flying trip with Otmar, 5/16-20/07":

George's Photo Album




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