What is this site?

Based on a Windows tool to open programs in the associated editor of your choice, not the one Microsoft decides for you.

This site has moved !  
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When you double-click a file, it should open with the software you choose even when you're not at home.  With the free and portable C.A.F.E. you can do just that, putting you back in control.  Unfortunately, CAFE doesn't come with configurations for other great portable software so I created this site.

Note: Config files from this site will also work with Lupo Pensuite has a hacked GPL version of CAFE called "Coffee" that is much cleaner and does basically the same thing.

How to use:
  1. Instructions on download and install cafe.  You'll want to put it in a subfolder next to your other portable programs.
  2. Check out our list of available software and their config files.
  3. Open the cafe.ini file in the \CAFE\ folder with a text editor (notepad will work) and paste the info.
  4. Save the ini file and start CAFE.exe.
  5. Now when you double-click a file included in the list (such as an MP3 file or JPG file) it will automatically open in the software of your choice.

Please Note:

Make sure you save the files with the same folder settings listed in the config file.  You can move the main folder anywhere (the paths are called "relative"), but the subfolders should stay the same as below:




If you move these files, you will have to manually edit the CAFE.INI file.

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