What happens when you read Caesar Naples? 

It is known to cause psychosomatic symptoms

There was a time when Caesar Naples was somewhat like everybody else. He pirated music; Jimi Hendrix--the classics. He had friends, and he had depression and homework to do.

If you feel like you're upside down when you're reading one of his short stories, that's a good thing

Calmly put your finger in your mouth and bite.

Before we made the wiki, we were a support group on IRC

Friends are important. Make sure you're visiting this site with supervision. If something happens within seven days, leave a comment and we'll send you to our counselor. Well, we'll send our counselor to you. You may not be functional by that time.

We have a secret purpose.

Are you a writer?

We're looking to create a social network for budding artists. Nobody knows this except you, and us. So use the following tool to submit your short story to us. We can publish it on this site, fully accredited to you as the author. When you submit it, we will review it and deem you worthy of Caesar Naples Wiki, from which point you can start seeing exposure. That is, if we all work together.

Most of us are disabled

Mentally disabled.

Panic is key

But don't panic. It's best if you maintain an aura of emergency. Feeling odd? You'll fit right in. 

Sites known to Caesar Naples Wiki

This handy tool should curb the nausea

Or make it worse