Gender & Sexuality

 Essays from my Women's Studies classes

A lot of people seem to think Women's Studies is one of those useless Ivory Tower disciplines. Well, to consider this let's step back see what questions do students of Women's Studies- or rather Gender & Sexuality Studies- seek to ask and try to answer.  Why do men have more power and resources in most societies? Why do women and men behave as they do- and are the causes of this behavior genetic or environmental? Are there two genders or sexes, or many? How do our views of gender and sexuality affect economics, politics, the arts and media, religion and how do these in turn effect sexuality and gender? These social categories effect all aspects of society, so I don't see how they can be seen as irrelevant subjects of study. Anyway here are the essays. Many of them were reflections on the assigned readings, so I will be referencing those.

WST 201: Foundations in Women's Studies, Prof. Janelle Bussert, Spring '03

Social Constructionism

Gender Chaos: Queer Theory and Postmodern Feminism

WST 305: Issues in Lesbian and Gay Studies, Prof. Janelle Bussert & Doug Green, Spring '05 

On Having a Queer Mind 

 Thoughts on being queer/bisexual and autistic- and an exploration of parallels between the two.

Out of the Past Reflection 

The Connection Between Gay and Singles' Rights

A reflection on arguments posed in Same-Sex Marriage: Pro & Con, a Reader edited by Andrew Sullivan 

Class and Sexuality: An Annotated Bibliography 

Our final project was to put together a bibliography on a GLBT related topic of our choice and present it to the class. I've become very interested in the intersection of socio-economic class with sexuality and other areas, so I will probably be doing a paper on the topic sometime using some of the same sources.