ADF Dedicant Program

I am a member of Ar nDraiocht Fein , a Neo-Pagan Druid organization. The Dedicant Program is their introductory training program, which takes about a year to go through. As I progress through the DP, my work will go on this page.  I have also included a link to my dedicant journal on Livejournal.


Nine Virtues

Book Reviews 

Mental Training

Nature Awareness


Hearth Religion


Dedicant Journal


Dedicant Program Requirements

 First Triad of Druid of Druidic Practice

  • Virtue:  Written discussion of the Dedicant's understanding of each of the following Nine Virtues: wisdom, piety, vision, courage, integrity, perserverance, hospitality, moderation, fertility. The Dedicant may include other virtues, if so desired and compare them to the nine. (125 words min per virtue)
  • Piety: Short essays on each of the 8 ADF High Days including a discussion of the meaning of each feast. (125 words min each)
  • Study: Short book reviews on at least: 1 Indo-European Studies title, 1 preferred ethnic culture title and 1 modern Paganism title (325 word min)
Second Triad of Druidic Practice
  • The Home Shrine: A brief description, with photos if possible, of the Dedicant's home shrine and plans for future improvement
  • Mental Training: An essay or journal covering the Dedicant's personal experience of building mental discipline, through the use of meditation, or other systematic techniques on a regular basis. The experiences in the journal should cover at least a 5-month period. (800 words min)
  • An essay focussing on the Dedicant's understanding of the meaning of the Two Powers meditation or other form of grounding and centering, as used in ritual. The essay should include impressions and insights that the Dedicant gained from the experience. (300 word min)
  • Nature Awareness: An account of the Dedicant's efforts to work with nature, honor the Earth, and understand the effects and impacts of the Dedicant's lifestyle on the environment and/or local ecosystem and how s/he could make a difference to the environment on a local level. (500 words min)
Third Triad of Druidic Practice
  • Ritual: A brief account of each High Day ritual attended or performed by the Dedicant in a 12-month period. At least 4 of the rituals must be ADF-style. (100 words min each)
  • Hearth Religion:  A brief account of the efforts of the Dedicant to develop and explore a personal (or Grove-centered) spiritual practice, drawn from a specific culture or combination of cultures.
  • One essay describing the Dedicant's understanding of and relationship to each of the 3 Kindreds: Nature Spirits, Ancestors and Gods. (300 words min per Kindred and 1000 words total)
  • The Dedicant's Oath:  The text of the Dedicant's Oath Rite and a self-evaluation of the Dedicant's performance of the rite. (500 words min)