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Welcome to Caelesti's Realm- the homepage of Mariah Sheehy.

I am a recent college grad trying to find my way in the world, an activist, a scholar, a visionary, and if you'll humor my little webpage, I have some ideas to share with the world. I challenge you, the reader to look beyond society and the world as it seems- whether it be in the realm of politics, spirituality or culture in general.

I have many hobbies, interests in passions-

Social Justice- I'm dedicated to working for equality for all people, and ecological sustainability.

Religion- My faith, Celtic & Greek Polytheism, plays a major role in my life, and I also learn a lot from other religions I come in contact with.

Autism and Disability- I have Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism, and I'm interested in educating people about it, and improving the lives of people with autism and other disabilities.

Arts and Crafts- I enjoy trying different art forms, from creative writing to drawing, beading and lately especially fiber arts like cross-stitch, plastic canvas and knitting.

I see all things as interconnected, so a common theme you will find in many of my essays is making connections between different things.