Spring 2016

Letter from the Editor

Tricia Perry discusses the current issue and thanks members for their contributions.

Letter from the Administrator

Marisa Gillio shares division news.

Initial Examination

Tricia Perry contributed an interview written by an Emergency Medicine Resident Physician.

Member Spotlight

Mary Esther Diaz

Oh. He has HIV. He has AIDS!

Dr. Gloria M. Rivera explains the critical differences between HIV and AIDS.

A Review of the 2016 Medical English Seminar

Stephen Schwanbeck provides an overview of the event held in Lyon, France in March.

English-Serbian (Cyrillic) Clinical Trials Glossary

Marijana Tropin shares a dual-column list of terminology related to clinical studies.

Spring 2016 Consolidated
This page contains all the articles (glossaries excluded) of the Spring 2016 issue, for those who prefer to print out the publication. Please print double-sided and recycle paper when you can!