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Letter from the Administrator - Winter 2012

Dear Devoted Medical Division Members,

I am pleased to introduce myself to you as the new Administrator of the Medical Division, along with our new Assistant Administrator, Tony Guerra. Having met many of you at the ATA Conference in Boston, I am excited to start my two-year term, as I see our division doing new and exciting things in the translation and interpretation industry.

First, I would like to thank the past Administrator, Patricia Thickstun and Assistant Administrator, Suzanne Couture. Patricia gave me great guidance and knowledge of some of the ins and outs of the administration, and Tony and I are happy to be working with such a great division of the ATA. This year, Tony and I have the honor of working with a top-notch Leadership Council made up of several division members who have proven to be great leaders in the Medical Division: Anne Connor, Suzanne Couture, Esther Díaz, Donna Furlani, Alcira Salguero, Virginia Pérez-Santalla, Patricia Thickstun, and Joan Wallace.

In order to continue making positive progress in the industry, we are looking to hold a mid-year conference next year. We have also created a more versatile and accessible web-based version of our newsletter, Caduceus, thanks to the skills and help of our editor, Donna Furlani. This new version will hopefully make it easier for you to locate the information via your home and work computers, as well as your mobile devices with resources and articles that we think will be of great use to all.

We will try to keep you updated and involved via the resources provided in the newsletter, as well as through our listserv, which is successfully moderated by Joan Wallace.

I encourage you to please let Tony (tony@cetra.com) or I (madalena@accessibletranslations.com)  know of anything else you would like to see in the coming year, as we are open to suggestions and greatly value your input and expertise. We would like to invite you to submit a proposal to present at the ATA 53rd Annual Conference to be held in San Diego, California (October 24-27, 2012), as the conference is always well-attended and continues to be one of the most valuable resources and networking opportunities available to us all in this profession.

The proposal link is here: http://www.atanet.org/conferencesandseminars/proposal.php.

Plans are in the works to hold a networking/social event during the conference, so watch for more information in the coming months. As you continue your outstanding work, we know that your knowledge and research continues to evolve and hope you will take the time to share it with us and fellow members by submitting an article for future Caduceus newsletters. Submissions may be emailed to the editor at caduceusnewsletter@gmail.com for consideration.

Once again, I thank you for your dedication and the long hours you contribute to the medical field of our industry. On behalf of Tony and myself, may you have a successful and happy 2012!


Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo
Administrator of the Medical Division